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Yellow color for vitrage 20ml

[Decola Glass & Porcelain Paints]
Action $1.32. Transparent water-based acrylic paint for stained-glass window, bottle 20ml (0.68 fl.oz). Decola, Russia
Product DCV211
Acrylic transparent non-toxic paint for Vitrage by Decola.
Clean a surface before painting from dust and fat and place it horizontally.
Draw contour for glass and ceramics without gaps.
Dry the surface during 3 hours.
Shake and mix paint before use.
Intensity of a color may be decreased with diluent by Decola.
Fill surface inside contours by brush or sponge.
Dray work during 3 days (72 hours).
If you dsire to make the work more durability,
place it in oven on 30 minutes with temperature up to 100°C (212°F)
or dry it by hairdryer with maximal temperature.
The work may be cleaned by soft wet rag without pressing.

Do not paint surface that may have contact with food or beverage.
Store paints in tightly closed jar.
Wash brush and painting tools with water in a short time after work.
Wash skin by water with soap from a paint.
Store paints with temperature from 5°C to 35°C.
Decola, Nevskaya Palitra, Russia

20ml / 35 g  Nevskaya Palitra
$0.52 x  

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