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Professional Painter, Student and Amateur can search and buy in our art-store a lot of categories and types of artistic paints, brushes and accessories
from famous art-factory Nevskaya Palitra in St.Petersburg.
- Oil Paints of Master Class grade accessible for professional artists, students and amateurs due to attractive prices.
- Oil Paints Ladoga and Sonnet are cheap and have good quality for any painters.
- Acrilic, Gouache, Tempera Colors.
- Watercolors White Naights in poans and tubes for professionals and students.
- Watercolors in sets for artists, amateurs and childs.
- Soft and Oil Pastels, colored and watercolor pencils, drawing pad and canvas.
- Painst and Contours for Hobby - for Textile, Silk and Batik, Glass and Porcelain.
- Solvent-based and water-based paints for glass and ceramics.

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