Colors for Artists and Amateurs
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The Shop for Painter, Student and Amateur

- Art-wares are not under sanctions against Russian Federation and from RF.
- Private parcels by Russian Post-Office are not under Sanctions.
- We send parcels by Post-Office inside and outside of RF.
See Countries in the Store/Delivery.
- Our accaunt on PayPal for payments outside of Russia.
No problems with payment and no problem to refund money.
- Our E-Shop does not make registration of a customer.
Your shipping address need only one time for delivery of your order. We do not store it on the site.
You can make order to address of your friend or other person.

Colors for professional artists, students, beginners, amateurs and childs, for Hobby and Craft.
Art-wares from Russia and Germany.
- Artistic oil colors, watercolours, acrylic, gouache, tempera.
- Oil and soft pastels, dry pigments, colored and water-color pencils.
- Sketchbooks, stencils, canvas for drawing and painting.
- Kolinsky sable brushes, squirrel, bristle and synthetic artisctic brushes of different sizes and shapes.

Nevskay Palitra in St.Petersburg,
Gamma in Moscow,
Podolsky Art-Center near to Moscow,
EMTI and Albatros from Novosibirsk (Sibir).
- Master Class oil, acrylic, gouahe and tempera colors.
- White Nights, Leningrad, Lutch watercolors and other art-wares.
Marabu glasART, Porcelain, Easy Marble from Germany.

The shop on this site has been moved from our site
Other art-shop (Hobby-Paints) continues on
Also we added new section "Wish List" for all art-wares in assotments of our suppliers,
and "Make-It Yourself" section with simple examples of application.

Home Page stores some days your last selection of "Category" of art-wares in the Shop and shows this category next visit
(on the same PC and Browser). It uses only code of the category (2-5 chars) - no any personal data.
Customer does not make registration in our shop.
We get shipping address from your PayPal notification only for one parcel and do not store it on the site.

Artists Oil colors

Master-Class oil colors
Nevskaya Palitra: Master-Class oil colors
Professional Oil colors of Master grade
Old Master oil
Gamma: Old Master oil
Professional Oil colors of Master grade
Studio oil
Gamma: Studio oil
Artists Oil colors for amateurs, students and professionals
Ladoga oil colors
Nevskaya Palitra: Ladoga oil colors
Oil Paints for Professional Artists and Students
Sonnet oil colors
Nevskaya Palitra: Sonnet oil colors
Oil Paints for Professional Artists and Students
Podolsk oil colors
Podolsk Art-Center: Podolsk oil colors
Oil Colors for Artists and Students

Payment Options Online sales in all countries.
Payment by PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram.
Shipping by post-office mail.

You can do it

Make it yourself

Orient Ornament 2 Wady after Gradient Filter and Inversion Smile of Tiger Bouquet with Butterfly Dragoon Gena with Red Flower Pasteboard Lid for Box 2 Pansies Flower Cat

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